Didactic tools for Signal, Image, and Video Processing Education
Umesh Rajashekar, George C. Panayi, Frank P. Baumgartner, Alan C. Bovik

The Digital Image Processing Gallery

Demo ideas - Prof. Al Bovik
Programmer - George Panayi

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What software do I need and where can I find them

  • We provide a stand-alone windows-executable version of the demos that does not require LabVIEW.
  • We also provide LabVIEW files. You will need LabVIEW and NI Vision development module to run the .vi files. 
  • LabVIEW and IMAQ can be purchased from National Instruments. UT students can download these for free from

2) How do I run these demos ?

  • Download the zip file for the module that you are interested in.
  • Unzip the files. You will need winzip for unzipping these files.
  • For stand-alone windows executable version, double click on the setup.exe to install the demos. You can then access the demos from the Start->Programs menu in Windows
  • For the LabVIEW version, click on the .vi files in each Module for the LabVIEW demo to run.
3) Where are the image files for the demos 4)Problems / suggestions for demos


Download SIVA-DIP Demos

Download the entire SIVA-Image Processing Gallery:

        A) As a stand-alone windows executable version (does not need LabVIEW)

        B) As LabVIEW files (needs LabVIEW and NI Vision development module)

OR download individual demo from the list below.

0) First download this set of subVIs that are needed by most demos

1)Demos for Module1 Course Introduction
        A) Quantize - Demo to illustrate quantization Ř
        B) Sample  - Demonstrates effects of sampling

2) Demos for Module2 (Binary Image processing)
        A) Histogram- Displays the histogram of pixel intensities in a grayscale image
        B) Threshold - Threshold a grayscale image to binary
       C) Binary
                a)Complement    - Complement opearation on binary images
                b)Morphology    - Many Morphological operators
                c)Skeleton         - Skeletonization in binary images

3) Demos for Module3 (Histogram and Point operations)
         A) Interpolation - Different interpolation in images
         B) Linear Point - Linear Point operations on images
         C) Histoshape  - Shape the Histogram of images
         D) Motion - Detect motion in images

4)Demos for Module4 (Discrete Fourier Transform, Sampling Theorem)
        A) Digital Sine - View sinusoids as images
        B) FFT - Demonstrates DFT of images
        C) MaskDFT - Effects of masking a DFT
        D) DFTDirectional - Effects of directional selectivity on DFTs
        E) ImportantF - Images of a few impulse functions

5)Demos for Module5 (Linear Filtering,Enhancement and Restoration)
        A) BPFilter - Difference of Gaussians
        B) HPFilter - View a High pass filter
        C) Average - Average low pass filter
        D) Ideal Low pass - Illustrates effects of using an ideal circular low pass
        E) GaussFltr - Gaussian Noise smoothing filter
        F) DeconvPI - Deconvolution Inverse filter
        G) WienerFltr -Wiener Filter
        H) Noise - Effects of various types of noise
        I) Deblur - Deblurring a blurred image

6) Demos for Module6 (Non linear Image filtering)
        A) GLMorpho- GrayLevel Morphological operators
        B) HomoM - Homomorphic filtering
        C) PVDetect - Peak and Valley detector
        D) TrmFilter- Trimmed mean filter

7)Demos for Module7 (Digital Image Coding and Compression)
        A) EntropyRed - Reduction in Entropt
        B) BTC - Block truncation coding
        C) JPEG - JPEG compression

8)Demos for Module8 (Template Matching Edge detection)
        A) Edge detect - Simple edge detectors
        B) Canny's - Canny's edge detector
        C) Laplacian - Zero crossings for Laplacian
        D) ThrLaplacian - Threshold selection for Laplacian edge detectoe
        D) LoG - Zero crossings of Laplacian of Gaussian edge detector
        E) ThrLoG - LoG edge detector
        F) Tempmatch - Template matching VI
       G) Anisotropic - Anisotropic diffusion
       H) SSIM - Image quality assessment using the Structural Similarity Index

9) Demos for Module9 (Hough transforms, B-splines, Stereo Imaging)
      A) Hough - Demo to show Hough transforms

10) Demos for Module10
      None as yet

11) Images 



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