2 3 LIVE Wireless Video Quality Assessment Database 4 5


7 The LIVE Wireless Video Quality Assessment Database is no longer publicly available. We have decided to take the database offline for a number of reasons: 8


10 11 1. Larger, representative database with diverse content coming soon 12 13 . We are currently in the process of creating a much larger database with better content, perceptual separation, scales of videos, types of motion, separation and more representative distortions. This database will greatly improve upon and modernize our mobile/wireless VQA database efforts. Database is expected to be completed in late Spring of 2011. 14


16 17 2. Limited content 18 19 . The old database suffered from very limited content, being driven by a specific application. All of the videos were of slow-moving airplanes and related content in a hanger. The motion content was very slow and simple. 20


22 23 3. Clustering of Algorithmic scores 24 25 . Algorithmic correlations with human perception on the old database have a tendency to cluster at the 0.95-0.96 correlation level. Much of this problem arose from the uniformity and simplicity of content. We and others were finding it impossible to separate the performances of objective algorithms. 26


28 Rather than continuing supplying a less diverse and effective database with a much better one in the works, we have taken the LIVE Wireless VQA database offline. However, there is no vacuum: The LIVE Video Quality Assessment Database – probably the best VQA database in existence, with excellent content, motion diversity, and perceptual separations, and spanning a larger set of distortions (including wireless errors) is still available to researchers at no cost. 29


31 The LIVE Video Quality Database may be found 32 33 here. 34 35


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