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3D Face Recognition at LIVE

The 3D Face Recognition research at LIVE is being conducted in collaboration with former Advanced Digital Imaging Research, LLC, Friendswood, TX.

Introduction to 3D Face Recognition

3D Face Recognition Research at LIVE

  • Anthropometric 3D Face Recognition Research at LIVE
    On-going 3D face recognition research at LIVE includes the identification of discriminatory 3D anthropometric facial features, development of effective 3D face recognition algorithms that are based on these features, the development of 2D+3D algorithms for automatic detection of anthropometric facial fiducial points, as well as the collection of 2D and 3D facial data to aid in algorithm development and evaluation.
  • 3D Face Recognition based on the CW-SSIM index at LIVE
    On-going 3D face recognition at LIVE includes the development of novel face recognition algorithms, wherein the structural similarity between 3D faces is computed using the complex wavelet structural similarity index and appropriate representations of 3D facial surfaces.

Face Recognition Links

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