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Welcome to the LIVE Public-Domain Subjective 3D Image Quality Database

LIVE 3D Image Quality Database

This database was constructed in two phases. Phase I contains symmetrically distorted stimuli while phase II has both symmetrically and asymmetrically distorted stimuli. Thus, phase I and phase II are actually different and complementary datasets. Both phases used five types of distortions: compression using the JPEG and JPEG2000 compression standards, additive white Gaussian noise, Gaussian blur and a fast-fading model based on the Rayleigh fading channel. Phase I has 20 pristine stereopairs and 365 distorted stereopairs, while phase II has 8 pristine stereopairs and 360 distorted stereopairs.

LIVE 3D Image Quality Database Phase I (available)

LIVE 3D Image Quality Database Phase II (available)