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Laboratory for Image & Video Engineering

The VIP Gallery [Supplementary Materials]

T. Goodall and A.C. Bovik

The Video Instructional Package (VIP) gallery offers an excellent overview of topics covered in the EE381V "Digital Video" course taught at the University of Texas at Austin. Topics and preview frames from the video gallery are provided below.

*Note that a fast hard drive (SSD preferred) is required to play the raw *.yuv files at full speed, and that the *.yuv files are ~639GB uncompressed. The *.mp4 versions are ~6GB uncompressed. The optional GUI (link) allows the user to quickly navigate to the desired video content, and provides an option for choosing raw *.yuv or compressed *.mp4 video versions.

Lecture 1 - Analog Video

  • Line Seperation Visibility
  • Frame Rates

Lecture 2 - Video Singularities and Sampling

  • Anti-aliasing
  • Digital Color video

Lecture 3 - Discrete Video Transforms

  • Decimation
  • Gaussian pyramid
  • Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)
  • Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
  • Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)
  • 3-dimensional DFT

Lecture 4 - Video Filters

  • Gaussian
  • Difference of Gaussians (DOG)
  • Derivative of Gaussian
  • Twice derivative of Gaussian
  • Isotropic Laplacian of Gaussian (LOG)
  • "Predictive Coding"
  • Gabor
  • Steerable pyramid
  • Gamma

Lecture 5 - Motion 1: Direction and Flow

  • Horn-schunk
  • Black-anandan
  • Brox et. al.
  • Comparison of flow magnitudes

Lecture 6 - Motion 2: Perception and Practical Computation

  • Fleet-Jepson
  • Motion Processing - Retina, V1, MT

Lecture 7 - Statistical Video Models

  • Reciprocal Law
  • Empirical video probability density function (EPDF)
  • Wavelet EPDFs
  • Spatial statistics of spatially filtered frames
  • Spatial statistics of temporally filtered frames
  • Weber-fechner law
  • Spatial masking

Lecture 8 - Video Compression

  • Intra-decoding
  • MPEG-1 examples
  • MPEG-2 examples
  • H.264 examples

Lecture 9 - Video Quality Prediction

  • SSIM quality maps
  • STRRED quality maps
  • MOVIE quality maps
  • Videos with frame-level quality predictions

Lecture 10 - Video Denoising

  • Spatial-temporal Gaussian scale mixture (STGSM)